A row of houses with score indicators above them, ranking their energy efficiency performance

Your Home Energy Score (HES) Rebate

There are rebates waiting for you here at BayREN. 

You could receive a $200 rebate by getting to know your home’s energy-efficiency before you make upgrades. 

Schedule an onsite visit with an assessor who will walk through your home to determine its energy use. You’ll receive a score and a report about potential upgrades and savings.

Home Energy Score Details

A Home Energy Score Assessor will collect information during a home inspection walk-through and score your home on a scale of 1-10.

Uses More Energy
Uses Less Energy
Horizontal scale from 1 to 10
A score of 1 indicates the home needs extensive energy improvements.
A score of 10 indicates the home has excellent energy performance.

Get more details about HES in our Learning Center

Getting Your $200 HES Rebate

There is a cost for an HES report and score for your home. But your final cost could be minimal — or zero —  after the $200 rebate. 

And your independent, certified assessor could be a home inspector, a contractor or an energy audit specialist. Sometimes this professional is already conducting business with you, and can do an HES assessment at the same time. 

  • Find an assessor near you. Search our database
  • Talk to the assessor about the $200 BayREN rebate
  • Ask if there are any additional rebates that could be available
  • Book the HES and get your report and score

The assessor will have the rebate form when they come to your home. Either you or the assessor can apply for the rebate and they can walk you through your options. 

Home Energy Score® is a program of the U.S. Department of Energy. StopWaste is a Home Energy Score® partner serving the San Francisco Bay Area in collaboration with BayREN.